Splitgate command generator

Hi there! 👋 This generator will generate an url which you can use inside your streaming chat commands.
Splitgate data is provided by our friends at https://tracker.gg/splitgate ❤️.

Note: This project is still in development, more playlists & stats will be added later.
Most likely there will be bugs and errors, please report them, so they can be fixed.

Create an issue here: https://github.com/xgerhard/api.2g.be/issues
or say hi to me at https://twitter.com/gerhardoh.

User info: (Find your Steam64 ID here: steamid.xyz)

Playlists to include:

  • Ranked 4x4
  • Ranked Takedown
  • Team Social


  • Merge playlist together

Stats to show:

  • K/D ratio
  • KA/D ratio
  • Time played
  • Wins
  • Rank / MMR
  • Matches played
  • Win %
  • Kills